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Earnest “Gonzo” Gonzalez in Oceanside - MROC Training

Earnest “Gonzo” Gonzalez

Coach Gonzo recently moved from the North East to Southern California to “Join the Living.” Back east he was a coach in gymnastics, a snowboarding instructor, as well as a swim teacher. His favorite sports and activities are those that use only the body as the tool, and he believes that the human body has unlimited potential. His training methods include High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) along with continuous muscle confusion. If one area of the body becomes too fatigued, he will focus on a different part, and cycle through the entire body until every fiber is exhausted. “I believe everything we need in life, for joy and success, is found in the human body. Whether that body has injuries or not, the potential for joy and success remain the same, because fitness is a relationship between you and your body. Listen closely and you will find as long as there is a heartbeat there is movement, and a body in motion will stay in motion. Let’s train together and keep moving. I believe in you because I believe in myself, and we are both made of the same thing. Come train with coach Gonzo and Join the Living.”