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Jeremy Magno

Jeremy Magno

Jeremy has had a lifelong connection to sports. He grew up being involved in swimming, baseball, track and field, soccer, football, and then ultimately lettered in Varsity wrestling. While in the United States Marine Corps he was trained to the level of brown belt in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. It was while he was serving his 4 years on Camp Pendleton that he found his love for obstacle course racing with the World Famous Mud Run.

"I have always valued being a jack of all trades, spreading my knowledge over a vast array of disciplines. I try to bring everything I have learned to new problems. I believe this helps me to have unique perspectives on solutions to obstacles (think of Kevin Bull's incredible solution to Cannonball Alley). I grew up watching Japan's Sasuke competition and was elated when it finally came to American Ninja Warrior. I am so thankful to have a place to train for such an exciting sport, and even more thankful to be able to share what I have learned."

Jeremy is our resident Ninja Trainer and he loves balance obstacles. He’s exceptionally great at course creation and helping beginner to intermediate ninja’s of all ages tackle new skills.

Jeremy is ERGC Group Training, MovNat Level 1 & 2, and Adult CPR Certified.