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"My gym is better than yours...because my gym is MROC and it has changed my life. I work in the health and wellness industry and have always fancied myself a committed member of the health tribe. I worked out regularly, did what felt right, read articles and ate well (tried to eat well) and stayed abreast of trends vs. tried and true health benefits. I've done classes, my own programs, personal trainers, running and jumping and spinning and scuba diving. Nothing has compared to the level of commitment and community I've earned from this place."

"Coach Mel is an inspiration. Her attitude and energy wake me up and get me moving even on my slowest days. Coach Mike's commitment to form, function, and fun make his training full of new trials that I'm excited to overcome. I love doing something new every day, and even when I'm doing something we've done before, I get to compete with myself from last time - so it's never "old hat". Always different and ALWAYS a challenge.  Just show up. It's worth every sweaty, aching, heart-pounding moment."

-CC Moyer, member since Aug. 2016

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