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Brandon Widner

Brandon began participating in organized sports at an early, but he found his passion when he began wrestling in elementary school. Brandon excelled at wrestling eventually becoming a two time CIF finalist, Eldorado Top Three, and a honorably mentioned state level competitor. In college Brandon continued wrestling at Palomar College on the dual meet State Championship team before moving on to Mixed Martial Arts. During college Brandon became ill with a medical anomaly that took several years to diagnose and cure, which ultimately led to the end of his MMA career. While the illness ended his MMA career, it also fueled his passion to pursue personal training and help others in a similar situation. To pursue this goal Brandon went back to college to pursue his Kinesiology degree in applied exercise science. 
Ten years ago Brandon began his career as a certified personal trainer and won the San Diego Union Tribune's trainer of the year. Six years ago he obtained the title of master level personal trainer. His credentials include:

NCCPT Personal Trainer w/ specialties in:

* Kettle Bell Training 
* HIIT Training 
* Unstable Surfaces Training 
* Speed, Agility and Strength Training 
* Certified Emergency Medical Responder 
* CPR/AED/First Aid

Brandon is also an avid snow boarder and he has coached various sports such as middle school and high school wrestling, kickboxing, and baseball. He has even worked with professional athletes such as X-Games Gold Medalist Jake Brown, Former NFL player Johnny McWilliams and Former Pro Moto-Cross Racer Jimmy Button. But today, Brandon's sport of choice is Obstacle Course Racing, having completed his Spartan Trifecta and finishing the 2018 World Championship course in Lake Tahoe, CA.

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