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Meghan Dewees-Kern

Movement, community and competition have been pillars of Meghan’s life since childhood. She grew up (just west of Cleveland, OH) as a competitive swimmer, dabbling in volleyball, cheerleading and track along the way. 


Coach Meghan swam her way through high school and college; qualifying for the 2009 National Championships in four events. After graduation, when the dull sadness that loomed after every swim season came on thicker and darker than ever, she took to triathlon and marathon training. Meghan qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2011 and in the process, found that CrossFit was a fun and community-oriented addition to endurance training. After scratching the 26.2 itch, she shifted her focus to CrossFit and competed in regional competitions from 2013-2020.


Meghan’s coaching career has mirrored her athletic endeavors. She has coached swimming at all levels -- from guppies to Ironman finishers. For three years, while working as a High School English teacher, she was also Head Swim Coach. During that time, yoga became integral to her success and sanity. In 2015, she pivoted out of  classroom teaching in search of a more sustainable life cadence. The next step turned out to be opening a yoga studio (specializing in “Yoga for People That Don’t Do Yoga”) in a space adjacent to the CrossFit gym at which she was coaching and training. 


As evidenced by the journey outlined above, Meghan has been an athlete and teacher all her life. She is passionate about supporting others in their quest to find the strength, grit and connection available in gym communities. 


My Philosophy:“Fitness with friends is my favorite!!” 


Every coaching experience and athletic endeavor has provided me with incredible opportunities to connect with incredible people, grow community, and develop confidence as a teacher & coach. I am thrilled to have landed in California and am really looking forward to connecting with and contributing to the spectacular community at MROC. As a coach, I live for the moments in which an athlete feels the strength and empowerment of doing something they didn’t know or think they could do. Teaching is life-giving for me and I am pumped to be working with you as you crush your goals! Let’s go to work!

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