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A Fundraiser for the Gonzales Family

The Coaches at MROC Training hereby pledge to do 1 burpee for every $1 raised, and it's going down on Saturday, Nov. 23rd LIVE for the whole world to see! You heard that us hit our goal of $5,000, and we'll be on the hook for 5,000 burpees!!

How to donate:
1) Pledge burpees to the Coaches in the form of a cash donation at the gym or online at
2) Join us Saturday, November 23rd for a donation based workout at 7, 8, or 9am (Register Here)

Then, watch the coaches burpee non-stop or get in on the action yourself. The total # of burpees will be finalized on Saturday, Nov. 23rd at 10am. At approximately 10:30am, the coaches will get to work in front of a live audience and start knocking out burpees as a collective effort.

But there's a twist...

Once the coaches have started doing burpees, we don't want spectators to stop donating to the Gonzales family, so...for every $1 you donate, you're helping the coaches with the burpee count. You can do the burpees yourself, or gift the burpees to an unsuspecting volunteer in the crowd! For example, if John wants to donate $10 to the cause once the Burpee-athlon has begun, he can a) do the 10 burpees himself, or b) call out Jane to do the 10 burpees for him! Bottom line, we raise more money AND help the coaches chip away at an insane amount of burpees! #winning

About the cause...

Joanne Gonzales has been a member of the MROC Army since January 2018, and works at Mira Costa College. She and her husband, Jim, have been married for 23 years and have 2 daughters, Elizabeth (19) and Sophia (17). In August 2014, Jim was diagnosed with Liposarcoma, a very rare cancer for which there is no cure at this time. Over the past 5 years, Jim has undergone two surgeries and several chemotherapy/immunotherapy/targeted therapy treatments that have provided him with the incredible gift of time. Because of how rare Jim’s cancer is he must travel all over the United States to seek medical treatments and to seek consultation from doctors who specialize in this type of cancer. Unfortunately because of the nature of this cancer Jim’s experience has been that the treatments eventually stop working so they forge on to see what to try next. The next treatment that Jim started earlier this month is a clinical trial out of MD Anderson in Houston, Texas, which requires Jim to travel to Houston at least 38 times over the course of the next year and beyond, if the treatment is successful and while the clinical trial is still ongoing. Jim and Joanne are very excited about this particular clinical trial as it targets a very specific gene that is highly expressed in Jim’s cancer and is providing a lot of hope to their family that science is getting closer and closer every year to understanding this cancer and will hopefully be closer to finding a cure in the future. Jim has served in the military a total of 26 years - both active and reserve - starting as a Private in the Marine Corps and ending as a Commander in the Navy. He is a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom.


You don't have to be a member to participate so please join us and bring some friends, but if you are interested in becoming an active member of our community then our 21 Day Jumpstart might be just the right thing to get you started! CLICK HERE to learn more...

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