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How it works...

  • You can schedule a class up to 2 weeks in advance or right up until the class starts.

  • If the class is full up to six people will have the option to join a waitlist.

  • If waitlisted, you will automatically be added to class if someone else cancels.

  • You can cancel your reservation 8HR before an AM class and 1HR before a PM class.

  • Use the Zen Planner member app to cancel a class within the allowed time frame.

  • If you cannot attend class and have missed the cancelation window, text the gym at (760)565-2561. This is considered a “Late Cancel”. Most Late Cancels are forgiven, but if it happens again in a 14 day period you will be charged a $5 Late Cancel fee, and you will keep getting charged $5 for each missed class (that you attempt to drop past the cancellation window) until you’ve had 14 days without incident.

  • If you cannot attend a class, have missed the cancelation window, and do not text the gym before the start of class you will be charged a $20 No Show fee.

What you need to know..

  • You will not get a confirmation message when booking a class.

  • You will get a text alert if you’ve been upgraded from the waitlist.

  • You can view all of your future reservations anytime from the member app.

  • Making a reservation is step one. Checking-in when you get here is step two.

  • Check-in when you get to the gym, but no more than 30-minutes before class starts.

  • A reservation counts against class attendance whether you check-in or not, but being on the waitlist does not (applicable to 2x & 3x/week memberships only).

  • Open Gym is an unlimited benefit (attendance does not count towards your classes/wk)

  • If you’re upgraded from the waitlist 8HR before an AM class (or 1HR before a PM class) you won’t have time to change the reservation, so treat the waitlist like you already have a spot in class and remove yourself if you are not going to come in.

  • You will not lose future bookings for missing a class or forgetting to text the gym.

  • Late Cancel and No Show fees will be charged (and eligible Late Fees forgiven) regardless of class size.

  • The Coaches do not answer the phone when class is in session, so if you call or text during training hours you may not get a response until the next business day. Office Hours are weekdays, 10AM - 4PM.

Best practices…

  • Only book classes you 100% plan on attending.

  • Don’t book out further then you are willing to fully commit to.

  • If you can’t make it, cancel your reservation immediately so someone else can grab it.

  • Remember that your teammates are all trying to get into class, too, so don’t make a habit of canceling at the last minute.

  • Some of your teammates only have one shot at coming to the gym each day, so if your schedule is more flexible, consider coming to class that is not in high demand (ex: 5am).

  • If you are waitlisted for a class and cannot fit a workout in at any other time of day, come in anyway. If a spot is available a coach will drop you in, and if not, you are welcome to use any areas of the gym and any equipment not being used for the WOD. The coach will not be able to assist you if training on your own, but the visit will still count towards your attendance. 

  • DON’T BE LATE! The coaches work hard to pack a ton of value into each class and run multiple classes back-to-back. Showing up late distracts the members who were here on time and shortens the already limited amount of time we have to explain the wod, warm-up, and get everyone through the course. If you are not here for roll call at the start of class and someone from the waitlist is present, we are going to give them your spot.

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