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San Diego Gym Builds Ninja Loft with New Obstacles

Oceanside Ninja Throwdown at MROC Training in Oceanside, CA.

The Mud Run & Obstacle Course (MROC) Training center, which opened its doors last December, has become increasingly popular for being one of the only gyms in Southern California to have authentic, as seen on TV obstacles like those on NBC’s hit show American Ninja Warrior (ANW).

“I knew when we first started building this place that I wanted a warped wall and salmon ladder. But once those were up, we just kept going and going.” – Mike Confer, Owner of MROC Training.

The one-of-a-kind facility now has over 25 ANW obstacles, many of which can be used in their newly renovated Ninja Loft – a 1,000 Sq Ft play area occupying the buildings entire second level, and overlooking the main training floor through a pair of 9 Ft stall walls and a 10 Ft arched peg board.

“The Ninja Loft was built out of inspiration and necessity. We already had a lot of obstacles that have become staples on the show over the years, but this season in particular has birthed several new balance and grip intensive challenges that nobody has ever tried,” said Confer.

Two of these obstacles in particular are the wind chimes and i-beam, which were both incorporated into MROC’s most recent ninja warrior competition, the Oceanside Ninja Throwdown.

“We’re very happy how the loft turned out, and it was exciting to see the new obstacles put to use in the competition,” said Confer.

What makes the Ninja Loft particularly special is a custom designed 15 Ft Ninja Rig that is capable of supporting dozens of interchangeable obstacles like the floating doors, nun chucks, flying bar, and cliff hanger.


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