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Spartan Race Recap: Citi Field Stadium, NYC (...and how to spend 12hrs in the Big Apple)

Spartan Race Recap: Citi Field, Queens  NY

Date: Saturday, May 13th
Total Attendance: 6,630

This weekend Spartan Race hosted their first Stadium Sprint of the season at Citi Field, home of the NY Mets.

The Stadium Series is a much different type of Spartan Race where, in place of mud and mountainous terrain, athletes are sent throughout the infield, dugouts, corridors, and of course, up, down, and across several flights of stairs.  Because there are no mud pits or swims, Spartan makes up for these elements with calisthenic based obstacles unique to the Stadium Series with 20-30 rep exercises like a heavy jump rope, ball slam, hand release push up, and 24/20" box jump. Staples like the spear throw, walls, rope climb, and herculean hoist are all still present, although the later must be completed without the use of a fence railing to place your foot against for support, making it much more difficult for lighter weight athletes.

Saturday's race was epic due in part to the fact that it started raining at about 2am that morning and never stopped, leaving the bleachers and all other outdoor areas of the course absolutely soaking wet. Luckily I was wearing my Under Armour Speed Tire Ascend sneakers which literally have a Michelin rubber tread. They performed excellently on the course, although I did take one brief fall when trying to jump over a row of seats to pass someone (apparently not all Spartans know that it is a common courtesy is to let faster racers pass on the left). On a side note I was able to get around him eventually, despite the massive bruise I felt swelling on my left quad.

Another unique aspect to the Stadium races is that, because the racing "lanes" are so narrow, only 15 people can start at a time. This is typically spaced out every 5 minutes and chosen at random based on where you are in line, with the exception of the first 15 Elite Male & Female racers who's start is determined by their current rankings in the Stadium Point Series.

The Stadium Series began in 2015.  These Sprints count towards a season Trifecta, and each race has prize money and awards for the Top 3 Male & Female finishers with coins given to the Top 5 athletes who have not yet earned their eligibility to the Spartan World Championships. On this day, I finished :03 behind the Kevin LaPlatney, a NYC local and veteran obstacle course racers who took home 3rd place Maters and the 5th coin of the day.

Pre-race Fueling (see what I had for dinner the night before in Part II of this post below)

Overall, I had a great race and ran really, really fast with more than half of my race spent in HR Zone 5. The only obstacle that I regrettably rushed and missed was the Spear throw, but considering I still finished Top 15 and was probably the only person in the Top 20 to have done 30 burpees, I think it's safe to say that a "clean" race would have put me in contention for a spot in the Top 5. Nonetheless, I had a lot of fun and am ready for the next one at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, TX.

Here's a look at how the Pro's did on this 2.76 mile course:


Part II: How to spend 12 Hours in the Big Apple:

I flew in to Laguardia late Thursday night and began my trek through Manhattan promptly at 7am, starting with a 50minute Uber from Flushing Queens to the East Side of the Brooklyn Bridge.  Being that I was traveling alone I opted for the cheapest lodging available, which was a room at the local YMCA for $49/night. Essentially, it was a hostel and not the cleanest or most comfortable place I've ever stayed, but it got the job done.

Since this was my first trip to NYC I had a lot of ground to cover. Luckily, the city has dozens of bike-drop rental stations that allow you to ride for up to 30-minutes at a time for only $13/day which ended up being MUCH cheaper than multiple taxies. So without further ado, here's how I spent my first 12 Hours in the Big Apple:


Uber to Brooklyn - 50m

Breakfast to-go @ Bread & Spread - 10m

Walk Brooklyn Bridge - 30m

Bike to Staten Island Ferry - 20m

Ride Staten Island Ferry - 90m

Bike thru Battery Park - 10m

Bike to Charging Bull - 10m

Bike to 9/11 Memorial - 15m

Explore 9/11 Memorial - 15m

Bike to Washington Square - 20m


Lunch @ Springbone Kitchen - 60m

Bike to Empire State Building - 15m

Bike to Rockefeller Center - 5m

Explore Top of The Rock - 120m


Bike Central Park - 60m

Walk to Carnegie Hall - 10m

Walk to Time Square - 15m

Shop @ Time Square - 45m

*Recharge phone @ 46 & 6th


Walk to Grand Central Terminal - 15m

*Pass BOA Tower, Bryant Park, and NYC Library

Pre-race dinner @ Digg In - 60m

(Quinoa, charred sweet potatoes, kale salad and steak w/ salted avocado)

Subway to Flushing - 40m

Walk to YMCA - 5m





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