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Banded Distraction (Joint Mechanics)

(Episode transcribed directly from the video)

Hey guys, coach Mike here at MROC, the Mud Run Obstacle Course training center, with episode 2 of MOB of the Week. 
In today's episode, we're going to address banded distraction - a technique that we can use for the first mobility system, joint mechanics. So, we've got the major joints that we're going to be looking at today, it’s gonna be the shoulders and the hips and how we can use a mobility band or a monster band to open up the joint capsule. Now, the joint capsule is a ligamentous stack of thick and leathery fibrous tissue that surrounds the joint and connects the bones to the ligament and this is what allows us to have freedom of the joint and stability and movement but this sack can also get tight and shortened, so we want to find ways to create space inside the joint capsule and that's exactly what we're going to do.
Now, the first technique we're going to do is a Banded Bully stretch. So, you can see I already have my mobility band or my monster band hooked up on a pull-up bar, we have our stall wall up here in the mobility lab, something up a little bit higher than your shoulder itself. You're going to hook your arm through to come around the joint of the shoulder, bring your arm behind your back like it's getting twisted behind your back, you can grab that with the other arm, pull it back as much as you can, allow your weight to drop forward and then you can even look away from the band and create space. So, you want this band to be pulling your shoulder back and opening up the shoulder joint and then spend as much time as you need to open this up and explore that range and see if you have any adhesions or restrictions in this area. 

Now, the second way we can use the monster or mobility band for the shoulder joint is through the wrist. So, what we're going to do is we're going to stick our hand down in through the mobility band, turn your wrist up and bring it over, step back and pull back on this band. So, again, we're just going to put the hand in and come up and over so we have a hook on the band, palm is up, we're going to bring the other hand over top, step back and I'm driving my hips back but allowing the band to pull my arm and create separation. So, the band is actually pulling the arms away from the torso, again, to create distraction - this is an Overhead Banded Distraction - to extend the arms forward and create space in the shoulder joint. 

Moving on to the hips, we're going to do a Banded Hip Extension, okay? And what we're going to do is use this mobility band and we can actually step through and bring this high up into my hip and I'm going to lunge forward until the band is pulling back, so it's driving my hips back, it'll be very easy if I'm not keeping my core and my glutes engaged for my hips to tilt forward and my butt to shoot up in the air and that's a horrible position. So, you have to actively squeeze the glutes, tighten up the trunk, the lower abdomen and keep your hips level and stacked parallel under the rib, so you're nice and engaged, you're driving forward but that band is pulling back to create that distraction. So, again, up where that femur sits up inside the hip joint, we want it to open up and back and create space in the joint capsule- one way to get that done is in this lunging position for a banded hip extension. 

Now the fourth way that we're going to use these bands for a banded distraction, is attaching to the ankle. So, this will be the second technique to create distraction from the hip but this is really all going to be a great way to open up the ankle joint or to create some stimulation and blood flow in the ankle, maybe if you chronically roll your ankles or are dealing with a sprain and trying to create recovery, the best thing we can do for recovery is promote blood flow and circulation. What we're going to do is hook the heel inside the strap, you can see I have my mobility band attached at a much lower point - great thing would be just at the anchor of an upright post of your squat rack - I'm going to loop one over and one back to create an X pattern, so there's some pull, I'm going to sit my hips back creating tension, hook my foot over something to provide support and now from here I have that extension of the leg. And you can do some cool things with mobility but the main thing is getting to a point of banded distraction our fourth technique, attaching of the ankle. 

So, there you have it guys, four different ways to use these monster bands for banded distraction. Now, in future episodes we'll talk about flossing and paper flipping and oscillating and all these crazy different terms on how we can create some movement and get more freedom of motion inside the joint with the joint capsule but just for today, your main focus is to get out there and start experimenting with these four different techniques, find out what works best for you. Remember when you're addressing these mobility issues there's three different systems you need to look at and the first one is Joint Mechanics, so get out there, get it done. I'll come at you next week with more content MOB of the Week. 
Coach Mike here at MROC, you guys have a freaking awesome training day, continue to train hard and then go get dirty. Aroo! 


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