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8 Stretches for Runners, Squatters, and Sitters with tight hips

(Episode Transcribed Directly from Video)

Hey guys, coach Mike here with episode 12 of MOB of the week. In last week's episode, we worked on smashing the glutes, so now, today, we're going to work around into the front side and spend some time on those hips. So, if we spend way too much time in a seated position or we're just doing a ton of loaded squats or maybe you're just running miles upon miles, you're probably having some tension and stiffness in the hips that doesn't allow you to fully extend or it just kind of, hurts all the time, it's going to keep you from getting in good position and we want to prevent that from happening. So, I'm going to show you some static and flowy stretches that you can do, no tools necessary so, no excuses, let's get right to it.

Position No.1 is going to be from the floor so, all we're going to do is take a lunging position, extend the back leg, hands will come down, get this back leg extended and drive it down into the floor and we're going to experiment with some different movement here, this might be enough for you, we can come to a knee or up into a kneeling position, we can come down and push out on the knee or if you really want to go crazy here, we can pin that foot down, look away or even cross the opposing arm over and drive the knee out in this manner. Now, if you're having a hard time getting up and down from the floor, we can modify those same three movements from a box. So, we're going to put our leg up, we're going to extend that back leg as much as we can, we can just start from the lunging position, we can also modify the movement by pinning the leg down and turning away or if we have enough flexibility, we can come down, pin down the foot, drive out the knee, really add rotation by turning this way.

Now, if we want to go a little bit more to the outside of the hip or go a little bit deeper in a stretch, we can take it all the way to the floor, some of you may know, this is a modified pigeon pose or figure 4 stretch. What we're going to do is again, shoot one leg back and allow the opposite leg to drag all the way down to the floor. Now, we may also assume this position by allowing one knee to drop to the floor, bringing an opposite leg behind you and coming forward, okay, but the goal will be to extend this back leg and get it fully extended behind you, keep that shin perpendicular to your body and then, if this is enough of a stretch, that's where you're going to really feel this up through here so, this is your thigh area, this is going to be where you want to be and then, you want to sink your body down, if you can get to the forearms, awesome, if you want to reach out and experiment with different range, go from different sides, okay, you're going to feel this in different places, you can add rotation and I personally found a really good one coming out to that same side so, reaching out over that bent knee and collapsing forward.

And just like before, if we're having difficulty getting up and down from the floor, we can modify this to the box. I prefer to let my foot hang over the box, that way, the flat surface isn't bearing into my ankle but we can just take that same position, leg bent at 90 degrees and perpendicular to your torso, extend that back leg, you can reach out in front, you can add rotation in either direction, you can allow the forearms to come down, you can bring the knee in, you can see my back knee here and you can just sink straight down or you can add that extension and collapse forward.

Now, these next two stretches may seem counterproductive because we're trying to open up the hips because you sit too much and this stretch is going to happen from the seated position. Well sometimes, you don't always have the option to get up and away from our chair and move around a little bit but there's still some stretches you can do from a seated position. Now, I just want to make note that we're not necessarily working the hip flexors in any of these stretches, we're working the surrounding areas that are causing hip dysfunction so, we want to open up pathways throughout the chain so, you can have better hip extension, better drive and better external rotation. So, that doesn't mean that we're working hip flexors that's why you don't see me down there smashing my hip flexors, we did that last week, this is more about working around those areas.

So, some different stretches we can do here, simply bring one leg up over the other and then adding a trunk rotation so I can reach this arm out across the outside of the leg and turn, I'm depending on how good the audio on that camera is, you had a real good crack down my back on that one. So, this is a really good stretch but the one I like even better is opposite so, pinning down that leg and driving the knee down so, this is where you're going to feel high up in the groin, on the inside of the hip, opening up. These last few stretches have been really working the outside but here, really great stretch, you can sink down as deep as you want to, hmm, think about it a little bit or if you're already pumping out some Globo gym curls, use that dumbbell and add some extra weight, this can be a medicine ball, this can be a super friend, you can have, you know, your cameraman walk over here and push down on your knee, whatever it needs to be, I'm just going to let this dumbbell sit here for a little bit, bust out my book, read some scripture here and then, put it away and go back to business now that I have all this added mobility in my hip.

So, that's it for today's episode, work at those hips, the hips don't lie, I heard somebody say. So, get that worked on and we will see you next week with the next episode of MOB of the week.

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