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The Barbell Smash - Myofascial release for the Quads and Calves

(Episode Transcribed Directly from Video)

Hey guys, coach Mike here at MROC for episode 14 of MOB of the week. And today's episode is all about the barbell smash, alright how can we use that crazy long piece of steel that we pick up weights with to give us some factual release on the tight muscles of our body specifically, two areas; the calves and the quads. So, I've already taken a knee and for support, I've placed an AB mat under the arch of my shin, okay, I don't want to just have this, this could be a rolled-up towel, anything really, we don't just want to crank down here because it’ll be a little uncomfortable for you especially once we start applying pressure to your calves. So, you take a knee and oh here, there happens to be a barbell lying on the floor. “hey mister barbell, you want to help me out? I've got some knots in my calf.” All you have to do at this point is place that socket right underneath of your calf where the soleus and gastric meet, that's gonna be right at the base of that bulbous calf muscle depending on how many stairs you're running or who does heel raises anymore? I don't know if anybody still does that stuff, some bodybuilders maybe.

You can use any part of the barbell, you can use the college sleeve here or you can use the skinny part, with any sort of facial release technique, the smaller the diameter of the surface of the object that you're using, the more direct pressure is going to be applied to the area that you're working, kind of, makes sense, right? it's all about displacement of the tissue. So, this fat part of the bar will not be as intense as the small part of the bar. So, all I'm gonna do here is slowly roll that bar up through my calves now, I rock my calves every day as we learned last week with the roll flex, that's another great tool that you can use to work your calves but if you don't have access to a roll flex yet or maybe you ordered one on Amazon and has it hasn’t showed up at the mail, this is something that you can be doing in interims, bust out that barbell and work up and down the calf all your other fascial release techniques will apply, you can do a pressure wave which is following the muscle fibres up and down, you can do a tack and floss where you literally tack down your path and bear into it and flex that ankle through range of motion or you can do a contract and release and flex your calf, hold it for 3 to 5 seconds and then, relax and allow for displace. So, there's muscle group number one; the calf's.

The second one that we're going to be working on today, quads. So, don't really need the AB mat for this one, you're literally just gonna lay down and you're gonna put that barbell right on the belly of your quad muscle and again, you can roll up and down with that pressure wave or we're going really deep into the quad, this is where we can go and start using that smaller area of the bar, this is direct pressure. Now, depending on the weight of the bar, that's gonna have some effect on your mobility session, I've got just a 35 pound bar right now but whatever bar you're using, you can even put some weight on this but really, it's unnecessary. The weight of the bar is usually more than enough so, start by allowing it to just sink in, relax, let your leg just be loose and free, the bar would sink in just like you would sink into a foam roller and then, once you're in there, alright, very slowly start adding that pressure wave and rolling along with those muscle fibres, okay, the quad is a great one for contract and release so, from right here you can flex that leg, pull flexion and point the toes back towards you, bear down tack and floss and then, relax, everything melt and kind of, shake it off and you can continue to work up and down the quad that way.

And I wasn't even planning on doing this one but because we're on a roll, elbows work really great for this too. So, if you find yourself us; I was going to the restaurant the other day, had a heavy lifting session, went out to eat for lunch and sitting there, I could feel my quads starting to lock up. So, what did I do? my wife looked at me a little funny but I went ahead and took my elbow and I just having my conversation, you know, passing the breadbasket, filling up my water and waiting for my meal to come out and just digging into my quads of my elbows.

So, if you don't have a barbell, you've probably got one of these, one or two, okay, dig into that quad, work it out, three different techniques, two different muscle groups, a whole bunch of mobility episodes. This was episode 14, I'll see you next week in our next edition of MOB of the week.

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