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Acupuncture, Scraping, & Active Release Therapy

(Episode Transcribed Directly from Video)

Mike: Hey everybody, welcome to episode 15 of MOB of the week. I'm here at natural solutions, Acupuncture with my man, Michael Woodward. Now, Mike we've been working on me for like, 3 years like, it's a long time.

Michael: Feels longer than that.

Mike: So, we have a history of him, you know, actually, it’s been way longer than that dude, it's been 2011 you started working on my knee, that was 6 years ago, am I right? long time. So, this is the guy to go to when you're having some problems that you can't fix yourself, I know we're trying to give you a lot of tools for self-myofascial release and stretching and stuff but sometimes, you've got something going on that your hands and your foam rollers just can't get to and that's when you need to go see an active release specialist or somebody that can do. Well, Michael does really well, drop needles in you, alright, that's a whole lot of level of getting down in there. So, we're gonna work on me right now, I’ve got a race this Saturday, we're going to put some needles in my back and my neck and make sure I'm nice and loose because I've got some tension back up there. Let me let him talk to you a little bit more about what he does, how he does it and why, let's get to it.

Michael: So, what we're gonna do is we're gonna start with some orthopaedic needling which is basically looking at the body in terms of mechanics, origin insertion, nerve exits, nerve innervation into motor points and basically, scar tissue. When we insert the needle, generally, what Mike might feel, he might feel an initial pinch because it is a needle penetrating the skin, the pinchy feeling is created by the receptors in the skin and then, I typically follow up with some ART which is Active Release techniques, I think that's one of the best soft tissue manipulations you can do and it's similar to like a pin and stretch. So, one of the other techniques we do quite frequently here especially for muscular skeletal issues is what's now commonly referred to as Graston, in my opinion, that's just a different word for Guasha, it's where we use a stainless steel tool, some people will use plastic or foreign instruments but what we're doing is we're basically breaking down the fibrotic adhesions so, when you feel it, it feels like there's actually sand or grit in there and that's basically tissue that has turned into hardened fibres, might be a little fibrotic, might be scar tissue, might be an adhesion between structures. And so, this tool is basically running over it and irritating it so that your body mounts a response to, we have that tissue and you'll turn on red and people that have this done can be a little uncomfortable because it's work but it can be three times faster than doing the work with your hands.

Mike: Alright guys, so there you have it, my back and my neck is all nice and loose and ready to go so, I can race hard this weekend. I actually had a really tricky situation last Friday, something popped in my neck, my whole shoulder froze, I couldn't move all weekend. Mike saw me Monday morning, today's Thursday, I already feel way better and that was the last little nip in the bud, man, to really make sure that this issue is fixed and he's got a lot of other tools in his toolbox that he can use to help you, you know, Chinese herbal specialists, you might have an appropriate name for it.

Michael: Yeah. Chinese old medicine practitioner.

Mike: Yeah. He can whip together a bunch of herbs for whatever your ailments may be, you know, anything, anything; cupping techniques, DMS muscle stimulation, lots of different tools that this guy can use to help you get feeling better. So, use him as a resource if you're here in San Diego, Southern California, his office is Erin Oceanside and then, Rancho Bernardo, San Diego. So, Mike, thanks so much, I was appreciative. Guys, we'll see you next week. Aroo!

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