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Red Light Therapy & A.R.T.

(Episode Transcribed Directly from Video)

Mike: Hey guys, welcome to episode 16 of MOB of the week. Now, in today's episode, I want to introduce you to an amazing resource we have available to us here in Southern California, Oceanside specifically, Asher of Asher Sports Therapy. Asher, what is it exactly that you do here and how is it that you helped me, it can help our athletes do certain things that we do.

Asher: Well, it's definitely tough on the body, what you guys do is very impressive, it takes a lot of hard work especially as a coach, I know that you try to get people as strong as possible but as flexible as possible so they can be agile and be able to, you know, get the results they want with the race. The therapy that we do here, we're very specific with working on muscle based problem so, sprains and strains but more specifically, I like to run through a diagnostic that takes the whole body into account so, we're looking globally but then, we narrow it down to what is the source of the problem or dysfunction. So, we have a global diagnostic tool that we want to do, we could show that a little bit and then from there, we get more specific on how to solve the problem with a therapy called Active Release Techniques maybe you might have heard of it and it dives into releasing scar tissue, adhesions which is just too much little stuck together that are inappropriately and we get the slide and glide like, with the ankle and we can release a calf, no problem and then from there, we have red light therapy that helps with circulation, reducing inflammation quickly just after a couple sessions, it's a patent system, counter heating pad but it doesn't use heat at all, it uses frequency and uses LEDs like 3, 400 LEDs in one pad to be able to communicate with the cells or the vascular system. So, microcirculation is what it’s known for, the building blocks of repairing things. So, it goes and just in a few minutes, like you've said supercharged, it dilates those vessels and allows more red blood cells, more white blood cells, more oxygenation to this issue and it's not a miracle machine work, I’m not trying to say it’s going to cure you after one visit but it helps a great deal. In my opinion, I like it way better than tritonal I’s and T’s.

Mike: So, there you have it guys, an amazing resource right here in your backyard Asher Sports Therapy here at Oceanside. If something ain’t feeling right, come figure out what's going on, don't let a snowball into a bigger problem, get some diagnostics done, have some therapy that performed on you and schedule some red light sessions, I absolutely barge for it, it's a great machine, it's a great tool. Asher, thank you so much for always taking care of me, keeping me running my best, taking care of our athletes. Guys, until next time, keep training hard, go get dirty. Aroo!

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