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How To Tape Your Foot Properly

(Episode Transcribed Directly from Video)

Hey guys, welcome to another edition of Mob of The Week. Now, the last two episodes, we talked about footwork and how to take care of the ankles, the plantar fascia and the heel cords. So, why not wrap up this whole discussion on the feet with how to tape your feet properly.

Now, I have gone through the gauntlet of foot and ankle injuries and found a really great way that I use to tape up my foot and still have the flexibility and support that I need going into a heavy training session or even a race, so let's get right to it.

For today's taping, we're gonna be using Rock tape, Self-grip, you'll need a pair of scissors and I like to use an anti-slip spray. So, the first thing we're going to do is trim two pieces of rock tape. Now, there's a lot of Rock tape, it’s just a specific brand of KT Tape and I really prefer the Rock brand - I'm not endorsed by them by any way, I just think the stuff sticks better - and when you look on the back of these, you'll see different color-coded boxes and this kind of helps me with measuring and I found that two and a half full blocks is the right amount of distance that I need for the ankle taping. This is already cut to a half, so we're gonna go one-two full blocks, one two and a half blocks. Once you have your two strips, we're going to take our scissors and round the corners. Taking the edge off the tape is less chance that it's gonna peel off or catch on something and peel off during your training or during your race. Done.

Next up is going to be application of the anti-slip spray. Now, this stuff is great because it really helps the tape stick, if you’re doing a heavy training, a lot of sweating or maybe in a race application where you'll be going through water, this really helps prevent the tape from coming off during your event. So, we're gonna be applying this directly on the skin before we put on the tape. So, the first area that I'm going to spray is going to be the fore foot up to a few inches on the shin and my second piece of tape is going to be a strip underneath the ankles and the arch, so I'm gonna spray there. Then we will apply the rock tape. So, starting with the arch, we're gonna go and bend this in half, create a crease so that we can rip up the paper - notice I'm not ripping the tape, I'm just ripping the paper. We're gonna pull this back to the tabs, so we have a surface to work with and touch, otherwise we would be touching the sticky tape. From here, you want to apply full tension, go directly under the arch and line it up with your ankles the best that you can. Full tension come up to the ankles and then pin it down, alright? All that full tension is going to be providing support you need under the arch and then the tabs are just gonna be your anchor points. So, I'm gonna peel these down directly in line with where the tape is, make sure there's no wrinkles in the tape, just a nice smooth application. And then take the back sides of the paper and apply some friction and the heat will actually help the glue form to the skin so that it stays on just a little bit longer. Now, this tape is expensive, so the longer you can keep it on, the better. A good tape job with proper adhesion and some spray could last you two or three days, including a trip to the shower or two. So, worthwhile, so you put it on there right the first time. So, there's my stirrup.

The second piece is going to be applied right across the front of the foot, so you want to keep it in a neutral position. This time we're gonna anchor the top and the two ends first; so, on the other one we pulled and then anchored, this time we're gonna anchor first. So, I'm gonna set my rip here and remove that and then I'm going to apply at the forefoot, so I want to line it up make sure it looks nice and good. Basically, it's gonna trace right on the outside of the tibia, so we're gonna go ahead and anchor that. Okay. Peel back our tape until your other anchor point. This time I'm only gonna give it about 50% tension, all the way would be a 100, so I'm gonna go about 50, I'm gonna anchor this down. The reason we're only going 50, you'll get your other 25% – 50% as you apply it down with the natural groove of your leg; so, as I'm applying this down, now it's getting that full spread. If you pull it a 100, there's not gonna be any slack left, it leaves that empty tab, no tension on the tab; your anchor points, no tension. Then I’ll use my tape, apply some heat right along the seams and again, we have those nice rounded edges which you're gonna prevent the corners of the tape from catching on your socks or your shoes or, you're out there doing those mud runs, catching on the grass or the rocks of where you're running.

So, there you have your basic application - stir up and front anchor - for providing some lateral and central support of the foot. And now, this is where the self-grip tape comes into play, this is going to be your more traditional method of a figure ‘8’ style of wrapping the foot to get some cross lateral support. So, what I'm gonna do is I start by just anchoring down on the front and only go about 50% - 75% tension, it doesn't have to be super tight, you don't want the foot going numb and falling asleep on you. And once you have your first wrap around the forefoot, then we're gonna loop underneath and around the ankle back to the Achilles and back underneath. And notice that I'm just kind of making an effort to get a nice smooth surface, so that I'm not getting wrinkles which are gonna get uncomfortable underneath your socks if you don't iron those out. So, after I've got two good figure ‘8s’, then I can start getting a little more creative and going across the ankle and changing direction. And I'll go two more times in that direction as well. And because this is self-grip tape, no other tape is needed. Match it down and there you have it.

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