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Personal Training near Oceanside

1. Find your starting point... Your journey begins when we meet in person to discuss your goals. Then, we’ll use our 3D Body Scanner to get extremely accurate body metrics that you can see for yourself. MROC Training offers the most unique group training in North County, and our data-driven approach is guaranteed to get you results.


Personal Training near Oceanside

2. Learn the basics... Next, you'll complete at least three private training sessions with an onboarding coach to teach you the foundational movements used in our program. This will help to build your confidence on the course before your first workout and minimize your risk of injury.


Personal Training near Oceanside

3. Fun & Innovative Group Classes… Our workouts combine obstacles, strength training, and full-body conditioning in a challenging and enthusiastic team environment. You’ll be climbing monkey bars, scaling walls, lifting weights, and doing lots of other heart-pounding activities. We guarantee it’s unlike any other workout you’ve ever tried! There's a reason men and women from across San Diego choose us for fitness that's fun, functional, and exciting. 


Personal Training near Oceanside

4. Regular check-ins to keep you moving forward... You’ll meet with our team every 90-days to review your goals, track your progress, and celebrate your success. These complimentary sessions include a repeat 3D Body Scan and a detailed Action Plan to support your journey. We also conduct a week of Benchmark Fitness Tests every 13-weeks to make sure you’re getting stronger, moving faster, and improving your stamina. With all of this support, there is nowhere to go but forward!

Don’t suffer through another boring routine or spend another day putting everyone else's needs first! MROC Training is the BEST group training gym in North County, and we've helped hundreds of men and women in Oceanside, Carlsbad, and Vista conquer any obstacle.

It's time to get seriously fit, crush goals, and have FUN!

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MROC Training is more than a gym with fun obstacles. We are a community driven to action and held accountable for crushing BIG goals. Our comprehensive, individ ...

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