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  • Spartan TV Series Coming to NBC

    NBC has teamed up with Spartan Race and the producer of “American Ninja Warrior” to bring the Ultimate Team Competition! Friends, families, and co-workers will work together and push each other to their mental and physical limits as they race across specially designed Spartan courses, engineered to test their determination, endurance, and will. Teams of five — comprised of two men, two women, and an elite Spartan athlete — will battle over mud, water, and fire for a chance to win a large cash prize, all in primetime on NBC! • You MUST
    have a team comprised of 2 women and 2 men . This includes yourself. The ....

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  • San Diego Gym Builds Ninja Loft with New Obstacles

    Oceanside Ninja Throwdown at MROC Training in Oceanside, CA. The Mud Run & Obstacle Course (MROC) Training center, which opened its doors last December, has become increasingly popular for being one of the only gyms in Southern California to have authentic, as seen on TV obstacles like those on NBC’s hit show American Ninja Warrior (ANW). “I knew when we first started building this place that I wanted a warped wall and salmon ladder. But once those were up, we just kept going and going.” – Mike Confer, Owner of MROC Training. The one-of-a-kind facility now has over 25 ANW obstacles, many of which can be used in their newly renovated Ninja Loft ....

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  • Spartan Race Recap: PA Sprint #2 (aka Coach Mike’s Redemption)

    As many of you know, Krista and I competed in the Spartan Sprint this past weekend at Blue Ski Mountain in Palmerton, PA. For those who haven’t been, it’s a beautiful venue deep in the Appalachian Mountains about 2hrs northwest of Philadelphia. The location has become a staple on the east coast OCR circuit because of it’s steep climbs and technical descents through a gorgeous back drop of thick green, and that’s probably why NBC chose to spotlight this area as one of their featured races to be aired this season. This was our second trip to Palmerton (my 2013 race ended with a broken ankle and detached AFL), and from what we’ve gathered from ....

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  • Official Gym of the SoCal Spartan Races

    MROC Training named as “Official Gym of the 2015 SoCal Spartan Races”
    Spartan Race will be returning to Vail Lake this fall and the Mud Run & Obstacle Course Training Center is ready to whip you into shape! MROC (in short) opened their doors last December and immediately gained recognition as the only OCR specific training facility in Southern California. Their unique blend of CrossFit Endurance (CFE), Spartan Group-X (SGX), and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a results-driven model created by owner (head coach) and former Marine, Mike Confer. Confer says his program is “designed to optimize human performance and unlock athletic potential by focusing ....

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  • Optimal Nutrition is Easier than you Think!

    Get started TODAY in just 5-Steps…

    1. Only buy & consume food with ingredients organic by nature and digestible in their raw form
    2. Increase the quantity and quality of nutrient dense and Omega-rich foods in your diet
    3. Eliminate foods in your diet commonly known to cause gut inflammation
    4. Develop awareness regarding what you eat in relation to how you feel
    5. Drink more water & regulate your sodium

    The first step to optimizing your nutrition is knowing what to put in your body. Our gut is relatively primitive, and it functions best when you you feed it real food. Not sure what real food looks like? Start by reading the ingredient label. Ingredients are ....

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