The area's first and only Obstacle Course Gym for busy adults who want to get seriously fit, crush goals, and have FUN!

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MROC Training

Unlike CrossFit, Orange Theory, and other camps that have boring routines or crowded and impersonal classes, we combine obstacles, strength training, and full-body conditioning in a challenging and enthusiastic team environment that takes your fitness to the next level.

We empower people to conquer any obstacle, in fitness and in life!

MROC Training was founded in 2014 by Spartan athletes Mike & Krista Confer. As parents of two young boys, we know how difficult it is to be ready for anything when you have a demanding schedule and are always putting others first. With over 150 Five Star Reviews, our community is lead by experienced and compassionate coaches that have helped 2,000+ people increase their confidence while getting strong, toned, and race-ready.

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Set an audacious goal… it’s time to own your success

"I want to get in shape” is not specific. Dig deeper. You’ve thought or said this before, maybe hundreds of times, but always fail to get started or stick with a plan. It’s time to break this cycle and make a BIG commitment to do something epic.


Build a killer support system (this is your tribe)

Join our encouraging team of misfits who, like you, needed more than an average gym. Discover real accountability in the strength of our community, where we rally behind our teammates and celebrate each others success.


Train like a boss, and respect the process

Our experienced coaches will teach you how to move better, run faster, and lift heavier without getting hurt. We’ll give you access to all the tools and resources needed for quick wins, and track your progress to make sure you’re getting the results you deserve.


Our System

MROC Training is more than a gym with fun obstacles. We are a community driven to action and held accountable for crushing BIG goals. Our comprehensive, individualized, and rewarding approach to group fitness includes quick wins to build your confidence and an ongoing commitment to long-term success. Join us in Oceanside to get started!

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Additional Services

Our elite trainers offer a range of services to match your fitness goals

Private Events in Oceanside - MROC Training

Private Events

Now offering private rentals and group trainings, great for corporate and sport team building or to prep for an upcoming race!

Open Gym in Oceanside - MROC Training

Open Gym

Drop-in to make up a missed class, challenge your friends to a unique workout, or play on the obstacles at your own leisure

Workshops & Clinics in Oceanside - MROC Training

Workshops & Clinics

Get hands-on instruction on topics like how to conquer obstacles effectively, run more efficiently, lift heavier, and more

Nutrition & Supplements in Oceanside - MROC Training

Nutrition & Supplements

Learn how to implement a real food diet, including when to take supplements, which ones are best, and where to get them

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